Consumer Guidance From Extensive Research

This research and information on MLM (multi-level or network marketing, etc.) was prepared with the help of top experts over fifteen years by the Consumer Awareness Institute, directed by Dr. Jon Taylor. Quantitative MLM data collection was conducted by SEO expert, Jonathan E. Brand. Opinions vary widely on MLM’s legitimacy. But here you will find independent research on success and loss rates, compensation plans, viability of MLM as a business model, etc.

What went into the research by Consumer Awareness Institute? The investigative research that formed the basis of these reports includes:

  • Analysis of the compensation plans of over 500 MLM programs
  • Extensive comparative research on MLM compensation plans and alternative business models to clarify differences
  • Worldwide feedback from thousands of MLM distributors and ex-distributors in a wide variety of MLM programs over a period of over 15 years
  • Interviews with the top experts in the field
  • Surveys of hundreds of tax professionals where MLM is concentrated – representing millions of tax returns of MLM participants
  • IRS income tax records of top distributors in one state
  • Public court records in MLM cases
  • Household consumer surveys regarding MLM participation
  • Surveys of leading MLM company presidents
  • Private and public financial disclosures by MLM companies
  • Communications with law enforcement officials at all levels
  • Direct experience with prominent MLM companies.


Information is posted on specific markets and on types of participants that get involved in MLM, as well as some summary articles translated into several languages.



These reports are intended purely as a communication of information in accordance with the right of free speech. They do not constitute legal or tax advice. Anyone seeking such advice should consult a competent professional who has some expertise in endless chain or pyramid selling schemes. Readers are specifically advised to obey all applicable laws, whether or not enforced in their area. Neither the Consumer Awareness Institute nor the authors assume any responsibility for the consequences of anyone acting according to the information in these reports.

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OMG, Dr. Taylor, your research is incredible and a direct hit. I’m trying [to counter this], but this cult is getting stronger as our economic down turn continues to plague us. . . It is sad in this case because this family will pull their son from his sophomore year at University of San Francisco to work full time in this MLM cult. I escorted my family members to this conference and felt like it was a version of the Jonestown revival act episode II. – Karen H., California

“Thank you for your great insights and all the work you have put into researching this little-understood subject. If every [person] interested in joining recruiting MLM’s would just take the time to read your [reports] and educate themselves, they could save a lot of grief.” —Michael Rawlings

“Thank you for your work on MLM! It is exactly what I’ve been looking for to get a data-based picture of the opportunity I am currently pursuing. Your logical questions and objective research are exactly what is needed in this industry.” —Donna Horowitz